About Circe Belts: A Journey Beyond Luxury

From the bustling streets of New York's Upper East Side to the glamorous echoes of Madison Avenue's past, the journey of Circe's luxury belts is deeply intertwined with the life of its founder, Katie Zorn.

In a world where fashion has often been reduced to fleeting trends and logos, Katie saw more than just an accessory. She envisioned a statement, a mark of enduring elegance. Born and bred among the shadows of the iconic New York City skyline, Katie was enamored from an early age by the timeless allure of Italian leather goods and fashion jewelry that adorned the boutiques of Madison Avenue. Although the 1990s saw these treasures replaced by brand-name emporiums, Katie's love for refined craftsmanship never waned.

New York University nurtured her mind with philosophy, while Parson’s School of Design honed her innate design sensibilities. But as accolades poured in from venerable institutions like WWD and NYTimes, and as stars donned her creations on the red carpet, life took an unexpected turn. A chapter closed as Katie stepped back from her label, redirecting her focus to the challenges life threw her way - motherhood, personal losses, and an indomitable commitment to mental health advocacy.

Yet, from the ashes of adversity, Circe was born. An ode to resilience, to the transformative power of beauty, and to the strength that emerges from our most trying times. With every belt that wraps around your waist, you're not just wearing an accessory. You're wearing Katie's journey, her passion, and her commitment to empowering each one of us to shine our brightest.

Discover Circe. Discover the power of transformation. Discover the best version of yourself.

Circe Belts: Effortlessly Chic. Empoweringly Yours.